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Rouva Hulda Huoleton

You can make lovely finds for yourself and to be given as gifts at Rouva Hulda Huoleton! The store’s selction consists of handicrafts and food products that have been prepared as local produce. The products have been made by private individuals from e.g. Kotka, Klamila, Pyhtää and Loviisa, and they mainly make the products as a hobby and with a lot of love. The products are unique and there is a story behind each and every one of them. You can also find lovely Kotka products at Rouva Hulda Huoleton, such as wooden magnets! In addition, the selection includes e.g. woolly sock repair services. Welcome to enjoy the warm atmosphere!


Now you combine your shopping trip at Pasaati with a visit to Alko for your beers, wines and spirits. You can also return all your recyclable bottles at the bottle deposit point which the grocery shop shares with alko.

Boppis Sisustus

Boppis is an affordable, high-quality and surprising interior design shop, where you can find lovely decoration products and beautiful items for the home. The product range includes e.g. decorative cushions and baskets, lanterns, mats, kitchen and bathroom products as well as postcards. Seasonal products are also added to the shop’s selection.


Emmy is Finland’s largest marketplace for women’s, men’s and children’s second-hand designer clothes, shoes and accessories. Our selection includes more than 70,000 inspected quality products, and we add thousands of stunning new products to the shop every week.

You can easily sell your unused designer clothes, shoes, bags and accessories via Emmy. You can choose whether you would like your sales profits to be paid directly to your account or as a gift card from one of our partners in which case you will be offered an additional +10-15%. Emmy sorts, photographs, prices, stores and sells your products. You can easily hand your product over to be sold by using an Emmy sales box. You can find the box at the ground floor, near S-market.

Emmy’s heart beats for high-quality clothes, inspiring finds, easily tidied waardrobes and reduced emissions. Fall in love at


We offer speech therapy, occupational therapy, family psychotherapy, psychotherapy and neuropsychology services in Kotka. Occupational and speech therapy sessions are usually carried out in an environment that is familiar to the customer, such as at the customer’s home, nursery or school.

The branch in Kotka is situated in the city centre in Shopping Centre Pasaati. You can access the lift lobby through the door between Lindex and Life, by following the Contextia signs. The entrance is located at the fourth floor.


Venefica, which is situated at the 3rd floor of Pasaati, offers help in calming the mind and relieving stress by means of guided imagery exercises and light physical treatments. Venefica promotes the mind and body’s ability to relax, recover and accept new things by means of e.g. massages, Neurosonic treatments and guided imagery coaching and hypnosis. All treatments are carried out in a customer-oriented manner and according to the customer’s own values.

At Venefica, you are personally cared for by qualified relaxation and hypnosis coach Anu Rosenlindt.

Venefica is located in the 3rd floor. The entrance in the 1st floor is on the opposite of Espresso House.

Kotkan Hierojakoulu

Relaxing massage services that do good for the body are available at the 4th floor of the shopping centre. Kotkan Hierojakoulu (Kotka Massage School) is a private massage school. The training courses available include e.g.  qualified massage training, specialisation programmes, sports massage training and gym coach training. The massage school also offers massages and student massages.

The entrance to the Massage School is located in the corridor on Keskuskatu side, between Dressman and Carlings.

Kymen Sanomat

Kymen Sanomat is a local newspaper, which is issued seven times a week. The newspaper is published by Kaakon Viestintä Oy.

Kymen Sanomat’s customer service is situated at the 2nd floor of Pasaati. Customer service is open Mon – Fri at 9 am – 12 pm.  The customer service phone number is available Mon-Fri at 8 am – 4 pm.

Kymen Sanomat’s Kotka office is situated at the 4th floor of Pasaati.

Western Union

Keidas Food Shop on the ground floor of Pasaati offers Western Union money transfer services.