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open 07–21
48100 KOTKA


Konnichiwa is a sushi restaurant on the 2nd floor of Pasaati. Konnichiwa’s delicious sushi buffet includes a selection of classic sushi as well as new flavors. In addition to the sushi, the buffet includes fresh sashimi, Miso soup and warm Asian dishes. The buffet also includes a tasty sweet dessert and coffee and tea.

The buffet includes a selection of around 30 different sushis – daily.  The buffet always has vegetarian options as well as gluten-free options.

Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo provides Eastern flavours and spices to the Restaurant World. The restaurant’s selection includes a diverse range of Eastern cuisine cornerstones, from delicious sushi to tasty noodle dishes. You can also enjoy a weekday lunch, which is served between 11 am – 3 pm. The lunch menu includes sushi and noodles, as well as fresh salad and soup.

Welcome on a culinary trip to the exotic Far East!


Subway restaurants offer delicious Subs made from freshly baked breads. You can choose ingredients from our wide range of assortment or taste one of our favorite Subs. All Subs are also available as a salad and you can have all the products as a meal. Welcome to enjoy our delicious freshly baked Subs – according to your taste!


Jungle Juice Bar

Jungle Juice Bar offers fresh and delicious premium-quality juices, smoothies and health shots with no added sugar or additives. All our drinks are made with fresh ingredients on the spot and we also press all our juices ourselves.

Whether you’re on your way to a meeting, work-out session, hot date or a hard day at work, Jungle Juice Bar gives you what you need: the most common superfoods, proteins and vitamins. We’ll make your drink on order or you can choose one of our freshly ready-made drinks available in the display case to avoid the wait.

Our drinks are so healthy that just one provides you with nearly the recommended daily intake of fruit, berries and vegetables.

Check out the cool offers on the opening weekend of Jungle Juice Bar in Pasaati!

Rosso Express

You can choose between traditional thin and crispy originale pizzas, or perhaps a delicious and healthier high-fibre-content rye pizza or a more filling deep pan pizza. Some of our restaurants’ menus also feature tasty pasta dishes. Discover Rosso Express’ selection and continuous customer loyalty offers. Best pizza – oven fresh.


Espresso House is like a second lounge, and in addition to top quality coffee we wish to also offer you tasty bakery products, sandwiches and salads, as well as a wide selection of cold beverages. Have you tasted flat white yet? Passionate coffee professionals work for us, and they have a simple objective – we want to serve our world’s best guests the world’s best coffee experience. Welcome!