Today 30.10.
open 07–21
48100 KOTKA

Pasaati’s actions during the current situation

We follow the authorities instructions to limit the epidemic all the time. Our actions are based on the instructions and recommendations.  Pasaati is open for now, but there’s exceptions in shops and restaurants opening hours.

Many stores and restaurants have returned their opening hours to normal, but there are still changes in some opening hours – please check them in the store information. S-Market and pharmacy are open within their normal opening hours.

We have intensified the shopping centre’s cleaning to keep the hygiene level as high as possible. We have paid attention especially to public toilets, resting places, railings and door handles, which are disinfected by every cleaning. The toilets air dryers for hands are not in use right now. Remember to wash your hands properly and dry them to disposable hand towels. 

Children’s play ground Pikkupoukama is closed for now. All the springtime events in Pasaati are cancelled.

We’ll follow the authorities instructions and act by them to limit the risk of infections.

Stay healthy!