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Sailing to summer by Pasaati

Everything to unforgettable summer from shopping centre Pasaati! Pasaati is located in the middle of the city centre – drop by and get all you need for hanging at the parks, the beach or the culture experiences.


Pro tips for traveler

Welcome to Kotka! You’ll find many necessary services from Pasaati. Our services will guarantee a cozy visit to shopping centre, but also help when you’re leaving somewhere further.


What about souvenirs?

Take a piece of Kotka home with you! You’ll get souvenirs to all kind of receivers,
whether you wanted to give them the latest fashion, practical stuff or sometheing very Kotka-themed.


Welcome to good mood shopping!

Shopping Centre Pasaati is located in the city centre of Kotkansaari. You will find all the leading stores under the same roof, whether you are interested in fashion, interior design, leisure time or anything else. Several cafes and dining restaurants offer culinary experiences, which can conveniently be visited during lunch breaks too. It’s easy to come and spend time at Pasaati with the entire family.