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Tune in to the good mood everyday!

In August people will return to school and work with a relaxed mood. During the holiday, there has been time to make new plans that can finally be implemented. The beginning of autumn is a good time to start something new, fresh up something old and give up the unnecessary things. In Pasaati there’s good tips and great offers which help you to start new beginnings even more nicer. 

The end of the holidays is not the end of everything nice. After all, August is a great time to reform and start something fresh – just the way you like it.

Here are a few useful tips for starting school and work:

Put everything ready for the first day of school or work. Choose clothing and accessories and pack your bag or backbag ready on the night before.

Update your hairstyle or beard. Let your sun kissed hair and over-grown beard be treated by professionals and do something new.

Reward yourself. Buy yourself a nice pair of new shoes, new bag or watch you have wanted for a long time.

Give some time to do nothing. Get a new calendar and write down the days and moments for rest. 

Develop yourself. Choose new and interesting hobby which helps you to develop yourself and relax after school or work.
Give up the rush. Everything doesn’t have to be ready today or even tomorrow. Give things the time they need.

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