Today 09.04.
open 07–21
48100 KOTKA

OPEN Mon–Fri 10–18 Sat 10–16 Sun 12–16
LOCATION Pasaati G. floor
PHONE 0400 666 042

Rouva Hulda Huoleton

You can make lovely finds for yourself and to be given as gifts at Rouva Hulda Huoleton! The store’s selction consists of handicrafts and food products that have been prepared as local produce. The products have been made by private individuals from e.g. Kotka, Klamila, Pyhtää and Loviisa, and they mainly make the products as a hobby and with a lot of love. The products are unique and there is a story behind each and every one of them. You can also find lovely Kotka products at Rouva Hulda Huoleton, such as wooden magnets! In addition, the selection includes e.g. woolly sock repair services. Welcome to enjoy the warm atmosphere!