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Sailing to summer by Pasaati

Everything to unforgettable summer from shopping centre Pasaati! Pasaati is located in the middle of the city centre – drop by and get all you need for hanging at the parks, the beach or the culture experiences.

Summer trips are all about relaxing, enjoying delicious meals, exploring the city and spending time together. All this is possible in Kotka! Pasaati will gear you to summer activities: swinsuit, sunscreen, snacks, games or new clothes – you need it, we got it! Check all of our shops and services here. There’s a short distance from Pasaati to Kotka’s famous parks and Mansikkalahti beach, and we’re sure that the whole family will enjoy spending some time there!

There’s lots of events near Pasaati all summer long. If you need a break, you can relax at Pasaati’s cafés or restaurants. We have something for children too! The biggest local event is legendary Kotka Maritime Festival (in finnish Kotkan Meripäivät), which is held in city centre 26.–29.7. Besides that there’s more different events to check out: concerts, markets, music festivals, american car meetings and culture events.