Today 30.10.
open 07–21
48100 KOTKA

Renovating in Pasaati!

The renovation will start this week in the corridor of Keskuskatu. The renovation includes the complete renovation of the roof and the renewal of the old glass-roof. There’s also going to be some smaller updates on the corridor, for example setting up new lighting.

With the renovation, a construction site fence will be built on Keskuskatu. There will be a tunnel at the entrance for accessing to the shopping center. Please be prepared for the fact that at some point in the renovation, the entrance on Keskuskatu may be temporarily out of order for safety reasons.

The renovation will renew the old technology and structures of the Keskuskatu’s corridor, and will freshen the look of the corridor. Also the smoke extraction system will be renewed.

The whole renovation will last until the end of August. We apologize for the inconvenience.