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Colorful autumn is here

Days are getting shorter and nights feel colder. Chilly yet colorful season is lovely time for chilling at home, enjoying the autumn vibes and wearing soft and warm clothes and accessories. Get ready by adding some candles and big warm blanket to your decoration – peaceful and cozy evenings are coming.

Altough working and stuying are on full speed after the summer, it is important to relax regularly. Darker and colder evenings are perfect for this! But do not forget to enjoy the chilly and beautiful days outside – they refresh and energize days at school and work. Rake the yard together, admire the beautiful colors of autumn and watch the birds flying south for winter. With the right clothing and equipment being outdoors is cozy and the body stays warm even in cool winds. After outdoor activities it is more comfortable to calm down at home.

Do you feel like it’s difficult to get some sleep at night? Try to calm down properly before going to sleep to get the most out of your sleep. Leave your phone and other electronics aside for couple of hours before going to bed. Staring at the screen just before falling asleep can have a detrimental effect on the quality on sleep. Instead of using electronics, try to soothe evening by reading a book or a magazine, weaving or knitting, drawing or writing or just simply doing nothing.

Bring the sun back with a bright light lamp! If the increasing darkness makes you extra tired. get the bright light lamp for your home. The bright light lamp mimics the sunlight and helps the body stay in the rhythm of the day despite the low light. Place the lamp where you spend the most of the time in the morning (for example in the kitchen). Bath in the light while eating breakfast and feel how the light awakens your body and mind!

Return to the flavors of summer every now and then. If you didn’t get enough of summer treats, keep them on the menu even in the autumn season! While the harvest season offers excellent taste experiences, you can add some summery flavors along with them! Buy your favorite ice cream as a dessert, enjoy the fresh fruits or berries as an appetizer or snack and make some tasty mocktails alongside the meal.

Have a lovely autumn!