RAX buffet

RAX buffet

2nd floor
020 766 4928

Opening hours:

Mon–Wed 11-19
Thu–Fri 11–20
Sat 11–18
Sun 12–17

RAX buffet

Rax Pizza Buffet's deliciously rich buffet has something for every taste. All our pizzas are lactose-free (with the exception of the low-lactose salad cheese in the vegetarian pizza) and we also make gluten-free pizza on request. Our buffet also has chicken wings, lasagna, fried potatoes, onion rings, cocktail sausages, meatballs, 23 different salad ingredients, soup of the day, pizza bread and nachos. Our buffet beverages include Coca Cola, Coca Cola Light, Fanta, Sprite Zero, mineral water, milk and water. The buffet meal also includes coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino and espresso. Eat and drink all you want.